December Mountain Vacation

Glen Falls

Glen Falls,NC

Late this month we are taking our vacation to North Georgia to visit family. As always, we’ve been game planning, trying to decide which hikes we will conquer. On the last visit, Steph and I hiked the Raven Cliffs Falls trail filling up a couple of memory cards and earning a few scrapes. This trip I’ve considered revisiting Highlands, North Carolina to re-walk the Glen Falls trail and then hit the Bartram Trail for some scenic overlooks. It’s such a beautiful area with fantastic waterfalls to shoot. I still have few¬†weeks to make final decisions….not that they matter. It always seems like we change plans the second we leave the driveway! Whatever happens……..

Glen Falls

Glen Falls,NC

Glen Falls

Twin Sisters 2

Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Highlands, NC

Incarnation Church,Highlands,NC

Highlands, NC

Mother Mary Looking At You!,Highlands,NC

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~ by ryantyrl on December 3, 2012.

6 Responses to “December Mountain Vacation”

  1. It all looks so beautiful you can’t go wrong whichever you decide! Particularly love the shot of the two trees.

  2. beautiful photos, especially the first one, I like it a lot! thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for visiting Irene

  4. beautiful :)

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