Some St Roch Cemetery Shots

St Roch Cemetery

As I’m sitting here watching the Saints game, I’m slowly editing some photos from yesterday’s St Roch cemetery shoot. My dad and I had a few hours to kill before the LSU game on Saturday, yes…I watch a lot of football…., and chose to visit St Roch Cemetery and Lake Lawn Cemetery. The light wasn’t exactly ideal because they open the gates at 830 and the sun was already getting high. But the experience was incredible. St Roch is small and the tombs aren’t as glamorous as Lake Lawn’s but the shrine…the shrine is what makes this cemetery so magical. Within the St Roch chapel there is a little shrine room full of gifts to the saint. These gifts consist of prosthetic legs, arms, eyes, stone hearts, skulls, children’s dolls, etc. So many of them were ages old and were so full of texture. I shot plenty but want more! I plan on bringing Steph and Chloe and will shoot with my macro next time to get a different feel in the photos. Here are just a few from our trip. I’ll edit more once the Saints WIN!

St Roch Cemetery

St Roch Cemetery

St Roch Cemetery

St Roch Cemetery

St Roch Cemetery

St Roch Cemetery


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