Biking the Mississippi River Levee Trail

Last Saturday I picked my dad and his bike up from the Warehouse District and forced my car across the cracked and pothole ridden streets of New Orleans to get to the beginning of the Mississippi River Levee Trail. From my many hours of searching for great places to take my hybrid, I stumbled upon this unique bike route. Now this isn’t a particularly long or wrist crushing ride, but the constant river breeze and the beautiful view of the Mississippi makes it well worth the trip. We parked where Magazine meets Leake Ave. There were plenty of spots available around noonish on a beautiful Saturday.


From this parking spot all you have to do is lift your bike over the railroad tracks and ride up to the path atop the levee. The path is paved from just before our location all the way to Rivertown which is 11.7 miles up the river. (Roundtrip is a total 23.4 miles of constant gear shifting depending on how windy it is….)




Between the beginning and the end of the trail, there are several places you can stop and have a beverage(s) (alcohol!). These river honky-tonks also serve bar food as well. Here’s the place we stopped at on our return journey and had a couple, delicious brews.


As you can tell by the brightness of the photos it was very sunny and very hot during the middle of the day. Thus I would recommend that while it is still burning up here in Louisiana, and fall has not yet arrived, I would stick to riding in the morning or late evening.

All in all we had an excellent time cruising the MRLT. It’s perfect for all bikes and ages and gives riders a great opportunity to see the goings-on of the river communities. So now get up off your ass and do some riding! If you want more info on this trail click the link…MRLT.


~ by ryantyrl on September 26, 2012.

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