An Un-Photo Weekend

From yesterday’s visit to the Tchefuncte River where I shot a sunset and only came up with this image. The rest….just was not a fan of.


So today’s trip was a bit of a bummer. We drove down to the Barataria Preserve to walk the trails and hopefully see some gators. But….little did we know…till we talked to the rangers…that when the temps are below 64-65F the alligators will stay at the bottom of the bayou and come up only for air. They dig holes in the mud to lay in and chill till a warmer day rolls around. So needless to say…we didn’t see many gators. And the ones that we did spy were too far for my lens to reach or were buried beneath bayou vegetation. Oh well. We did however manage to meet a couple of armadillos on the Plantation Trail which was lined with old oaks and giant palmettos. These little buddies let us get right next to them while they dug in the dirt for grubs. Quite cute! In conclusion…due to our new-found knowledge…..we’ve decided that we will return to the Barataria Preserve during the spring when the bayou is greener and the gators are out and about. Till then we will shoot everything else that this great state has to offer. Word.




~ by ryantyrl on January 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “An Un-Photo Weekend”

  1. Love the sunset picture…very peaceful

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