Favilla and I – Part 10


Favilla and I – Part 10

Dark my dreams have become of late
Soul twisted like a craven’s brow
Drawn to the restlessness of
The indimnities of cross contamination
Mother I’m sorry I stand before
These black and cold becomings
Hanging from a coma infused sky
Tasting of a soulful reintroduction
River before the falls
Pain unto the infection
These moments I wear in hope of
A second glance at what I knew
And she speaks…
“Cause we share in the blindness love.
We dissect the victim and read the jerk
Blessings come in variety
And I for one will not seek the door.
So steer this machine to the brink
Let’s feel the murmurs in our hair
Her teeth sinking into our eyes
To the ends of reconciliation we go.”
Laughter rings out as I gasp
Inhaling the staleness of a traffic jam
Dark my dreams have become of late
But who needs dreams?
Who needs promise to guide us lost?


~ by ryantyrl on December 10, 2011.

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