Favilla and I Part 8

Old Insomnia Pics

Favilla and I Part 8

And dark becomes the rabbit’s dreams
As I bury these bones beneath the skin
As starlight fades behind the forest
Built of ivory towers within
I squeeze her hand to kill the moment
To lose the grip of circumstance
To find the window of my shadow
And give the night another chance
She pleads behind illusive bindings
Her love for me what’s holding back
This desperate jump into the darkness
To know the joy of ceding back
But in my heart I cannot leave her
Crucified to our common goal
Consigned to a world forsaken
A demon built to stabilize control
Reluctantly I step away from
That open door I found when young
Return to sleep inside Favilla
A child still beneath a setting sun
(She sings….)
“We live on the funeral plane
We die on the funeral plane
In the stories of former glories
We sacrifice faraways
So come and play
As we sway
In the dying winds of yesterday…..”
…And I, Shannon…….fall asleep.


~ by ryantyrl on October 15, 2011.

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