Favilla and I ( Part 7 )

The Exit

Favilla and I ( Part 7)

Crucifix subtle in the window
Yesterday’s sweat stiffening the sheets
And so many years have come and gone
Since I’ve accepted the truth in deceit
Her lips are mine as are twenty knuckles
Insect stacking its legs to the sky
Beautiful the bruises I have brushed onto
The canvas I have come to know as I
And Favilla stands before the corners
Her shadow tickling my screaming throat
A mirrored function to whom i’ve surrendered
To shake the sequences from the mote
But pleasure writes the will of many
And pleasure was never the seeker of whole
So I look up beyond the weeping ceiling
Hands clasped I tremble, a fading soul
I pray….
“Let the cars outside, the river
Flow and peace this ampersand
A chaos built to shelter order
A coda feeding fountainhead
Let the city lights disease the
Countless mass of second chance
And boast a pool of countermeasures
That dry the womb of everlast
For time is near yet far behind me
Stones are placed upon the sill
The pain’s becoming all too perfect
And sure as dawn the moment kills.”
I end rogation in silent seizures
Teeth too tight to bite the word
Her lips and knuckles leave me heavy
With corners deep in prayers unheard……


~ by ryantyrl on September 26, 2011.

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