High Contrast Red Filter Black and Whites


In case anyone out there hasn’t noticed…I’m a huge fan of High Contrast Red Filter images. I’ve loved them since being introduced to some Ansel images at a young age. I’d see his photos in magazines or large coffee table books and then see a standard B&W shortly after and just feel a sense of…grayness. No sharp blacks or bright beautiful whites! Just varying shades of…..gray. Some may think they are too contrasty…but I guess that’s the beauty of art! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Could you imagine if everyone saw things the same way when creating? Boring shite! The way I look at it…if High Contrast Red Filter images are good enough for Ansel Adams…..they are good enough for me. Word to you Red Filter and the heavy contrast you put into each image!


Salt Flats - Section E

French Quarter


Chateau Elan,GA

Panther Creek Trail


~ by ryantyrl on September 9, 2011.

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