Falls on Raper Creek


Word. So today the crew hit up the falls on Raper Creek in North Georgia. And don’t worry… No one was raped! This waterfall is located on an easily passed mountain road and is rather different from the other waterfall trails in the area. For instance…. Trail? Nope. Parking spots? Nope. Easy descent to base of falls? Hell no! To get to the falls you drive down an extremely narrow, gravel road till you “hear” the sound of crashing water. Very hard to catch if you’re the driver and don’t have a look out…thanks Steph! Once you’ve located the waterfall then you have to find a spot to park your vehicle…which is further down the way. Next you have to hunt for an almost unnoticable hole in the brush for a well used but trechorous, steep trail…all while carrying your camera gear! Worth the extra bit of effort? Oh yes my friend! This waterfall is beautiful and is excellent for shooting anytime of the day due to the shade that it rest in. I highly recommend ya’ll check this place out! Oh and just in case you want to take a dip here….the water is freezing! Even in mid summer!

P.S. – Hemlock Falls Photos coming soon….




~ by ryantyrl on July 22, 2011.

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