Photos of the Week – South Carolina Cotton

Cotton Gin S.C.

This week’s Photos of the Week will host some images that I took a few years back during my photojournalism class at Gwinnet Tech. It was supposed to be my big Photo-J project but I was told to choose another subject/project due to a lack of “substance”. Despite my images dismissal…I loved the memories captured and kept them for future viewing. Years later…I still go back to these photos and remember how cool it was to visit my family…the Daniels family…in South Carolina. It was a wonderful trip and I learned so much while there! I was able to tour various Carolina crops…speak to local farmers…kill my first deer…and see up close what goes on in a cotton processing plant. Oh…and I had some bad-ass BBQ! Here are some of the photos I took while kicking it with the wonderful people of South Carolina! Thank you Daniels family!


Cotton Gin S.C.

Cotton Gin S.C.

Cotton Gin S.C.

Cotton Gin S.C.

Cotton Gin S.C.

My First Deer

This was the Shot!

The Kill

R.I.P. Bambi....R.I.P.

Initiation...getting blooded son!

The Peeps

Ci and Judyf




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