Hiking Itinerary for July

So I’m wanting to go see Milla in Las Vegas for my summer vacation but tickets are ridiculous as is cost of hotels right now. Such a bummer. It would have been fantastic to see Ms Cuteness. I’m hoping by fall or winter prices wil have gone down a bit and we can afford to take the much anticipated trip…

Well to make the best out of things in today’s crappy economy…I’ve come up with an alternative journey for our family summer vacation. MOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS in sweet, sexy North Georgia! With our nifty gas efficient cars we’ll take the 7 1/2 hr trip to my folks home in Buford, GA…our mountain invasion homebase. From there I will take Stephanie and Chloe (and whoever else is down for hiking) to some amazing waterfalls that I’ve shot while living in GA! So far i’ve mapped out several trails that would be easy for our 7 year old to conquer. Raven Cliff Falls, Helton Creek Falls and Desoto Falls. All are beautiful, have well established trails and are less than an hour and a half away from Buford. Excited! Here are some photos from some previous photo hikes…

Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliffs

Raven Cliffs

Raven Cliffs

Desoto Falls



Helton Creek Falls

Helton Falls,GA



~ by ryantyrl on June 18, 2011.

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