Who Needs Artificial Lighting?


Today….before a delicious dinner at Thai Spice…Stephanie and I hit the woods for a quick model shoot. Yes…I’m trying to hone my people shooting skills again and thought that it’d be great to bring home some photos of my beautiful lady. Unfortunately…the location that was originally selected had to be jettisoned due to a lack of desired lighting. Fortunately…on the journey to the spot I noticed a few areas in the woods where light was pouring down throught the forest canopy. It created very dramatic lighting and colors! I kept thinking, “man. I bet in class they would’ve have told us to use a flash to fill in the darkness around the subject.” But I didn’t want that. I loved the natural setting to the shoot and wanted to keep it real. FLASH STAYED IN THE CAR! After only five minutes…we walked out the woods with some really great shots….and a few mean mesquito bites. Next time we’ll head out a little earlier and expand our setting options. Cheers!

P.S. – Expect a lot more shots of Steph. I believe this shoot has awakened a giant…… ; )







~ by ryantyrl on May 28, 2011.

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