Wish I Had Brought My Tripod Trip!!!


So yeah…today I got outta my pj’s around 430pm….and hit the local swamp here in Mandeville. I was pumped cause the sun was getting low and I knew the lighting would be excellent. Little did I know however just how much the canopy above the swamp floor blocked out the sun! So once I left the trail and began jumping from one cypress knee to another I realized how much of a mistake it was to be out there without my damned tripod! I had to boost the ISO to 800 and use a shallow depth of field. Sucked! I tried to lean against the tree or hold my breath with each shot…hoping some would come out sharp. Shooting in a very dark environment at a speed of 1/25……well I’m sure you can guess the results. But hey! It was still a lot of fun splashing across the bayou getting my awesome military boots wet! The swamp was beautiful and I actually found quite a few spots where alligators had rested! You could see where they crushed the swamp grass dragging their bodies into and out of the water. Wordness. Unfortunately…no gator sitings this time. Just lots of frogs, turtles and skeeters! Lesson learned I guess! Always bring your tripod…even if you think you may not need it. No worries Ryan. There will be a next time!







Also…while hiking back I found a really cool spot to shoot a model! Now we know we where we are going to shoot Stephers! Check it out!



~ by ryantyrl on May 7, 2011.

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