Macro Tease…..


It was a beautiful day here in good ole Mandy. The humidity was lowish, temperature sweet and not a cloud in the sky. So…..Post lying out at the pool we decided to hit one of my favorite nature hikes off of 190. It’s called the Northlake Nature Center. It begins with a boardwalk that takes you through a swamp which has a huge variety of plants and wildlife! You’ll see gators, herons, iris’, snapping turtles, cypress and oaks,snakes, snakes and more snakes….. Well once we pulled up still reeking of sunblock I realized that I had forgot my damned macro lens! And sure enough…wildflowers, newly hatched black grasshoppers and awesomely lit ferns were everywhere! I was a bit upset to say the least. Well…the good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be just as beautiful! So you can bet that I will back on Sunday, macro on camera, shooting my heart out! New photos up tomorrow evening. Word.



And of course after a short hike…..we hit one of the many snowball stands in Old Mandeville…



~ by ryantyrl on April 17, 2011.

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