Lazy Sunday…

So today was not quite the macro experience I was hoping for. It was super bright out, windy and the batteries in my flash were very old and dying. So not too many shots. But!…..It was still quite an awesome day!


After cleaning up the apartment we stopped by the (Mandeville) French Market to pick up some breakfast, 2 orders of boudin balls. Very greasy and very tasty! And God did it smell good in there! I could still smell the boiled crawfish on my clothes as we got back in the car! Next we drove out to Lake Rd in Lacombe. Turns out that half the town is out there crabbing. Families were everywhere with hunks of chicken attached to long strings pulling in the days meal. It looked so simple and fun that we decided we would come back one weekend and join in the hunt.




After our quick trip to the lake and back we stopped by the Lacombe docks to meet up with Steph’s parents. We got to talking about Steph’s father growing up there and learning how to swim in the local bayous. He pointed out a tall cypress tree across the river that he would climb up and jump off of as a boy. And sure enough…there were a few newer Lacombians having their go.


Next we headed for the nature trail back in Mandeville to fufill my self promise to get some decent macro shots. Promise unfufilled. But it’s cool! The place is right down the road and I will return. Here is one shot that I managed to pull out…


With the day winding down it was time for dinner. And yes….I had talked about it all week…..we had a big fat crawfish feast at Sunset Point! A bit windy…but the crawfish were some of the best I have ever had! Seriously! If ya’ll want some great crawfish that will leave your lips burning and your nose running…hit up The Mandeville French Market. Superbness!



~ by ryantyrl on April 17, 2011.

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