Fontainebleau Marsh Walk



Ok guys….running through the images of the marshes at Fontainebleau I came to realize that the boardwalk trapped variety into a small box. Unfortunately the angle was typical and I couldn’t really find many shots to edit. But hey!….We only hit a mile of the 6 in the trail system. No worries! Me….I was in love. I thought it was absolutely beautiful! It smelled like marsh….musky and salty! And I smiled every time I saw a “dont feed the alligators” sign. Home. H-word.








Again…no worries guys! It’s a new weekend and you know I’m gonna shoot!


~ by ryantyrl on November 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fontainebleau Marsh Walk”

  1. sweet pics bro! these are great back drops spots! you should bring a few models for these locations.

  2. Thanks but the models would prolly sink into the marsh or be eaten by a gator. I’d definitely have to print out some consent forms…..

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