Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Smokies Stream

Smokies Panorama

Even though it was a three hour drive from Buford,GA…I always made sure to visit this area at least two to three times a year. This park is AWESOME! There are countless trails and scenic views perfect for shooting. A lot of the trails follow creeks and offer cascades and large beautiful trees. Bring your wide…bring your macro…bring yo hiking shoes! There are easy paved trail as well as unmarked, fall down the mountain trails….which I “stumbled” down. I highly recommend visiting for a day or hitting a mountain hotel and staying a week. You cannot lose here! Pictures…..BAM!

Smokies Stream 4

Smokies Forest Floor

Eerie Trees,Smokies

Black Bear,Smokies

Smokies Stream

Smokies Pan 1

Directions from Buford! Click Here


~ by ryantyrl on September 10, 2010.

One Response to “Great Smoky Mountains National Park”

  1. Good work Ryan. Time for framing??

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