Raven Cliff Falls Trail, GA

One of the best….if not the best hike in N GA. This trail is free…provides miles of beautiful scenery…and has many open spaces to camp out and chill for the weekend. Its proximity to Helen,GA also makes it quite a winner. Word. Round trip the trail is about 5 mi. You follow a stream that consist of many great cascades and fallen trees. You could spend all day shooting or playing in the water! There are three major falls on this hike….

Waterfall 1 – Easy to see and approach. Flat stones allow easy tripod setup.

Raven Cliffs

Waterfall 2 – Difficult but not impossible to reach. Well worth the hike/fall down. Ask Nelson…. ; )

Raven Cliffs

Waterfall 3 – The Raven Cliff Falls. Beautiful waterfall that pours between two massive cliffs!

Raven Cliffs

Here are some other great areas of the trail!

Raven Cliffs

Raven Cliffs

Raven Cliffs

Sepia Raven Cliffs

View Larger Map“>Directions from Buford,GA


~ by ryantyrl on September 6, 2010.

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