Glen Falls,NC

Glen Falls is an amazing set of waterfalls outside of  Highlands,NC. There are three major stops on the trail: the top which offers an excellent view, the first waterfall which sprays like the devil when trying to get a shot, and then the last and best waterfall in my opinion. Why the best? The bottom fall gives you plenty of room at its base to play in the water or just lay out and relax to the sound of nature. Fair warning…the hike back up to the trailhead is evil! I always stop a few times to catch my breath and wipe the sweat off my face. Children that do not like to walk too much or some of you older folk with bad knees….I’d think an extra minute about this one. But if you are willing to suffer some sore muscles later you will not be disappointed! Trust the Ryan. (Directions from Buford,GA at Bottom)

Top of Falls

Mountain Sunset,Dry Falls,NC

First Fall

Dry Falls + Rainbow

Base of Dry Falls,NC

Second Fall

Glen Falls,NC

Glen Falls,NC

Glen Falls

From Buford,GA

Hit 985N which eventually turns into 23N for roughly 80mi                                             Take right onto State Route 106 to Highlands,NC for about 21mi                                   Then…and it comes quick…take a right at Holt Rd for 26ft while pulling your car onto Glen Falls Rd (Gravel and there is a sign!)                                                             Go all the way down gravel road. Keep straight until you hit the trailhead!                  Park anywhere and enjoy!


~ by ryantyrl on September 2, 2010.

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