The 18th of Sept

50mm 1.8 Atlanta Midtown Skyline

My last day in the ATL area will officially be Sept 18th. I have been here for a little over 3 years and I can tell you that I have changed and have learned a lot since my arrival. Some days were definitely better than others…but each one brought me to where I am presently. And now that I know this chapter in my life is over…and it’s just now hitting me…I realize that I’m going to miss this place a lot. I’m going to miss the excellent ethnic foods and the wonderful cultures that I’ve met. I’m going to miss the High Museum, Piedmont Park, the Assi Market, the mountains and hiking adventures, Gwinnett Tech and my awesome teachers, the great people i’ve met and have chilled with, my little Dachshunds, my family…… I may not have time to shoot and post new images these next few weeks. My schedule is slammed! But I promise to keep posting and keeping ya’ll up to date with my move. Love you all and WORD!

ATL Skyline - Section B


Piedmont Bridge,ATL


~ by ryantyrl on August 31, 2010.

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