Prints to Hang Up Back Home!

Arches Nat. Park


I’ve been getting everything ready for my eventual move back home…rummaging through old stuff and tossing out things I wont need. While doing this I came across many great prints that I had made while in photo school! And a lot of these bad boys are really large! I am so happy that I finally have a reason to frame them! Then when people come over they can see some of the beautiful places that I have visited. Such a great feeling! Looking through a lot of these landscape prints is making me really want to jump in the car and find some new, wonderful scenic place that I’ve never been. And being in Louisiana I feel that it is going to be time to temporarily set aside the mountains and focus on New Orleans, cajun country and kickass swamp scenes! Gonna rock it son! Hopefully Steph will be willing to go through each of these prints and select which ones go up. Word!

Chateau Elan,GA

ATL Skyline - Section B

The Sisters in Film!

Wyoming Prairie - Section E

Dollar Beer in the Quarter

Cafe Du Monde,New Orleans (+noise)

Sunflower 6....yes...more to come

One Man Band in Jackson Square,NOLA


~ by ryantyrl on August 12, 2010.

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