Glen Falls and Dry Falls,NC Adventure!


Today I drove up to the area near Highlands,NC to do some shooting/hiking…..and hit some thunderstorms! I sat in my car for a while at the trailhead and munched on beef jerky and powerade till the rain had died down enough for some umbrella hiking. Well a little ways down the trail the thunder started getting closer and the rain heavier. So I decided to turn around and wait some more in the car…but once I got back to the parking area the rain let up again! Frustrated I said “sc#$w it!” and got back on the trail with my gear and cheapo umbrella. (The bag I brought for my cameras and supplies was waterproof! WORD!) Once I got down to the waterfall that I wanted to shoot…….I again had to wait a bit for the lighting to be decent and for the thunder to stop rolling so much. It never really did so I had to settle for these shots…

Glen Falls

Glen Falls

Glen Falls


After crossing the stream at the base of the falls and putting a small dent in my memory card…I noticed that the rushing water was getting more violent, the thunder was inching closer and the crashing falls louder. I realized that if I didn’t cross back soon I was going to be stranded on the wrong side of the waterfall! So I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and left behind the potential disaster you’d hear about later on the news.

Instead of heading back home I chose to head a little further north and hit one of my favorite places! Dry Falls! This waterfall is excellent! It is very large, very loud and you get to walk right underneath it! Here are a couple of those shots and some cheapo videos! Enjoy and (yes Dr. Jones) stay tuned!

Dry Falls

Dry Falls


~ by ryantyrl on June 23, 2010.

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  1. Wow that is beautiful

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