The Shoals Creek Nightmare Last Week


Okay…last Tuesday i attempted to hit the Shoals Creek Trail in North GA…and ended up in a nightmare. I drove over an hour and a half into the mountains to hit a dirt road that would spell out what kind of day it was going to be. Yup…my way to the trailhead was blocked by a deep, swollen creek. The rains had made what would normally be a passable obstacle into a threat to my car’s safety. I attempted twice to cross it…but when I saw the water get close to my door handle (exag) I quickly hit reverse and pulled out. Not wanting this to stop me I parked my car, grabbed my gear and waded through the water. I figured the trail was only a mile and a half up the road and I could just walk the rest of the way. But….what I came to realize was that the road was very steep longer than I thought and i could smell storms in the air. So after a mile of sweating up the road I decided to turn back and try another trail. I drove to Dick’s Creek Falls, parked at the trailhead and hiked to where the first series of falls were…while it was drizzling mind you. I slid down the mountainside to get the best angle, pulled out my camera and grabbed for my tripod….but!….there was no tripod. It was sitting in the back of my damn car at the trailhead. Pissed off, hungry and tired. I took a few shots (worthless), and hiked the rest of the way to the bottom…laughing at myself the whole time. What a lousy nightmarish day.

Well…I’m hoping that this week will be better. I’m considering shooting the Oakland Cemetery sometime this week. We’ll see. Word.


~ by ryantyrl on June 6, 2010.

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