Mountain Hiker is Back!







I am soooo terribly sorry that I have not blogged in a while. I got sick and have been in bed for quite some time. Fortunately…I am better now! Today was my first day back on the trail (Hemlock Falls Trail-Rabun County) and it was quite a journey. The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms…and scattered thunderstorms is what I got. The whole hike I was dodging rain and slipping down muddy hills trying to get shots I could visualize from up the trail. I managed to get some fairly decent ones that I’m happy with. But there were others that I couldn’t do without a safety buddy. Next time… Eventually it began to rain too much and I feared for my gear. So I packed all my gear up and walked back to the car. And thank god I did when i did. It stormed! I felt really bad for those poor people that were just starting the trail when I left. Oh well. Felt good to be in the mountains again….so good that I’m returning tomorrow for some more shooting! Prolly hit up Shoals Falls. We’ll see! Peace!


~ by ryantyrl on June 1, 2010.

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