Off to New Orleans in 3

New Orleans Beer Hole

This will be my last blog entry till my return from New Orleans. I work the next three days and will not get a chance to post a new one. Word. So here’s the scoop! I head out Sunday for Slidell where I’ll be staying. Upon my arrival I’m meeting up with some good friends who will be joining Steph and I to the Honey Island Swamp. I’ve wanted to take the boat tour there since I was little! 20 years later….I finally get to! After that it’s crawfish crawfish and more crawfish! Word! On Monday…after sleeping off/digesting the poor little critters…we are going to drive south to River Road and take the Oak Alley tour…followed by a journey to St Charles for some dinner and shooting (if the weather is decent). Then Tuesday is going to be a bit of a relax with the family day. Sleeping in…poboy for lunch with Steph…then a nice dinner in the evening. Calm…non-adventurrous. Gotta rest before returning to “good ole” GA and diving back into the daily grind. Hopefully this trip will last longer than the previous ones. Time DOES fly by when having fun! Word 2.

(Oh Yeah! I will be focusing on color this journey. Really enjoying my new trend…)


~ by ryantyrl on May 13, 2010.

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