My Uncle RC Davis

Here is one of the many oil paintings done by my uncle RC Davis. He is an Amite based painter and is famous for his Louisiana themed artwork. I love the variety of color and beautiful imagery of each piece! My grandparents were given a huge print of this image above and it sits in their living room…warming my heart with every glance. It always brings me home. When I was younger…I got an opportunity to  see a few of the originals up close and personal in his studio and I was completely blown away. Awesome….. Sooooo awesome….. I’ve linked his site here so if you would like to see more of his work…give a click and enjoy!


~ by ryantyrl on April 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “My Uncle RC Davis”

  1. Thats right… I remembered possibly seeing some down town with your dad and brother. Beautiful work by the way. Great talent and amazing eye for detail. I love the way he brings life to the painting as if you where there siting under an umbrella enjoying an Abita Blue (my favorite by the way) watching people going with their life…. Oh yeas! great imagery.

  2. wow dude.

  3. that’s what I want my photomatix hdr to look like…

  4. Yeaaa dude,,he’s among the best I’ve seen in Louisiana.,,and the south..!!! JD

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