Cloudland Canyon,GA

Cloudland Canyon,GA

Cloudland Canyon,GA

Cloudland Canyon,GA

Yesterday Nelson Bigles and I drove to Cloudland Canyon in NW GA. The drive there was beautiful….but not nearly as beautiful as the park itself! The lookout sites were fantastic as were the series of waterfalls throughout the park. A mountain stream rushed over and through gigantic boulders creating awesome photo ops at the floor. Unfortunately….there was not a single cloud in the sky and blownout highlights littered every shot. We took our time hiking…waiting for the sun to finally retreat over the canyon wall. But…it never did. So…I walked out with only a handful of shots to work with. BUT THAT’S OKAY! Cause I know that the next time the forecast calls for extreme cloud cover…I’m hitting this place! There was so much to shoot! It just needs the right lighting and or weather conditions. Rest assured that I WILL return to this awesome state park.


~ by ryantyrl on April 7, 2010.

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  1. This park is certainly a beautiful place to make multiple visits! Let me know for another trip.

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