My First Photomatix Attempt!

Here is my first landscape image using the ever popular Photomatix program! It’s great! “Professionals use it…customers love it…and so now I’ve decided to stop taking my time and manually editing my images and just let a program do it for me! Shoot….using this….why would I ever need school to learn how to properly expose an image?!?!? Anyone can be a photographer! All hail to the cartoony-halo ridden-anyone can do this-yup i’m a photographer program. Blah…….


~ by ryantyrl on April 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “My First Photomatix Attempt!”

  1. Ahhhhahaha! Too much man. I stand by my concept of using Photomatix as a tool in the arsenal… rather than a crutch and gimmick.

    Photomatix will never make a bad image good, and you can’t just hit “develop HDR image” and call it a day…

  2. I’ve been looking at a lot of landscape websites and have seen way too many photomatix landscapes. Tired of the halos and cartoony colors. I understand it’s cool to be creative and make things look interesting….but don’t make your whole portfolio using this crutch. Jeez!

  3. Damian I know that you can edit without Photomatix! I’ve seen your stuff and it’s great! So you’re not who I’m talking about. Word!

  4. Completely agree with you.

    I can’t totally knock it though… I’ve got a few HDR images in my portfolio, but I was in complete control every step of the way and I’m proud to call them mine.

  5. haha! well Ryan… then I’ll shut up…hahaha

  6. wait…hitting develop hdr doesnt make a great image? 😦 i was hoping to make my entire portfolio with the “develop hdr image” feature. 🙂 You boys should be proud you can make quality images without all the fake stuff…Photomatix is kinda like artificial sweetener, its cool at first but causes cancer later!! I cant wait for that trend to go away..not gonna lie a good hdr is a little cool…

  7. I enjoy this post.

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