Defeat at Tallulah Gorge, GA

Tallulah Gorge,GA

Today was a terrible day… I was utterly defeated by the gorge. After getting my hiking permit for the canyon floor…I jumped out onto the first few boulders to cross the river only to find that the rocks were smooth/slick and I was bearing too much weight. I had all lenses, both cameras and a heavy tripod. It was either go for it and risk losing thousands of dollars of equipment….or admit defeat and live to shoot another day. GOD I WAS PISSED!!! If I had had someone else with me it would have been no problem. We could’ve passed the gear back and forth while hitting the rocks. Instead I was alone…as usual…and forced to retreat. I sat on the rocks for a bit and let off some steam. After climbing back up the hundreds of stairs that take you back to the Interprative Center…I considered driving back to Atlanta and shooting some architecture. But when I looked up to the sky I didn’t see a single cloud. And I will not shoot a cloudless sky unless I have to. Oh well. Time to watch some boobtube and have a guiness or two…or three. Till next time. Unword.


~ by ryantyrl on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Defeat at Tallulah Gorge, GA”

  1. well hit me next time I’ll be happy to help.

  2. Sounds good!

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