Panther Creek Trail, GA


Panther Creek
Panther Creek




Today my friend Damian and I went hiking/shooting at Panther Creek Trail,GA. It was one “HELL” of a hike. For the first couple of hours the sun refused to cooperate. It sat high and shone down a heavy brightness that threw the cameras’ metering systems way off and killed any chance of a well exposed shot. Fortunately….after much sweat and photo talk…we made it to the final parts of the trail and were able to get some even lighting. We also agreed that this trail must be re-hiked during an overcasted day…ensuring that well diffused light that enables long exposures and better DOF. So….next time ya’ll see a cloudy day…give us a call and let’s hit the trail! There is still so much to be shot!


~ by ryantyrl on March 16, 2010.

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