This Week’s Journey

This past week has been extremely stressful and I am so in need of a trip into the woods. I basically pulled out a map, put my finger down, and picked a place. I then did some research and have become very excited about where I am going! It is moderate to difficult and over 7 miles round trip. Prolly dumb that I’m going by myself after the rains…but the situation calls for it. Need this! Bringing both cameras to record the walk. Word. My last trail journey was Raven Cliffs,GA….and I got some really great shots. But last time I was there I was shooting at f16 to f22 at slow shudder speeds….and the images came out softer than I prefer. (Sharp…but not as sharp as I wanted. Don’t like relying on unsharp mask or other PS tricks.) They suffered greatly from diffraction!  So this time I will close down between f8 to f11. No smaller. Everyone wish me luck! I will return tomorrow with images and with the name of the trail that I hit! WORD


~ by ryantyrl on March 14, 2010.

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