Canon 7D

I have been really interested in the Canon 7D recently…wanting it to be a back up camera. Love the HD video feature, the 18 megapixels and the 8 FPS…but…after reading a few reviews…I’m a bit nervous. Why would I want a camera that gives me less than sharp images? This particular review linked says it’s okay…you can sharpen the images in post-editing. Are you kidding me??? More work? Wondering if the other outstanding features of this camera cancel out the lack of sharpness. If I convince myself it’s worth it…this will be my new little bro. (After I’ve moved home and have saved up of course) Any feedback?


~ by ryantyrl on February 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Canon 7D”

  1. Hey man, i have the 7D and i can tell you that i have not experienced soft sharpness, i actually have had to lower the sharpness and do less with sharpening in photoshop. It is a great camera perfect for me. If you can afford it i would say get it. I am really happy with mine and love the quality. Just make sure you have some good cards and a big hard drive.

  2. Word! That’s good to hear! It looks like a really great camera.

  3. Its a grate cmaera I love the HD and 8 fps is amazing the quality is awsome I would say go get one.

  4. Gonna start saving up…..

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