Fallen Angel,Highlands,NC


Children of children…
You’ve poisoned the mother
And for you I pray
Children of children
You’ve soiled the altar
And for you I pray
Death to the stars
Death to the martyr’s heart
Bury your heads in forbidden focus
As I circle your tombs…
For you I pray
Children of children…
How I have swallowed your pain
Nine tube dream rapes
Site marks upon the flesh
And crippled babes strewn across the floor.
You monkeys dressed for the sacrifice
Predators reprieving prey
My ribs decorating the hills
My eyes smeared unto your bread….
God I’m so weary of praying…
I’ll kill your desires
I’ll satisfy your fears
I’ll scream as I invade your families
Corrupting the foundation of everything held dear…
Children of children surrender!
Ragnarök is at your doorstep
And fingers no longer trace the sun…..
And I can no longer pray….


~ by ryantyrl on February 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tutelar”

  1. Angele Dei,
    qui custos es mei,
    me, tibi commissum pietate superna,
    illumina, custodi,
    rege et guberna.

  2. A powerful piece … I enjoyed it.

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