Ansel Adams Before Work…

Today before work I had a little extra time and decided to look through some Ansel images on the net. Guess I’m trying to pump myself up for New Orleans! Though it’s not gonna be massive landscape images such as these…they will all be black and white!!! ALL OF THEM. I read an article on the monochrome options on the 5D and it said that it produces very good quality black and whites. Why did I research that? I did so because the red filter in photoshop tends to degrade image quality…making it very, un-fun grainy and leaves white border marks between the horizon and a black sky. Tired of it….so I’m going to use the red filter option inside the camera and compare the differences. Excited to see what the outcome will be! May save me A LOT of cloning time. Word.


~ by ryantyrl on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Ansel Adams Before Work…”

  1. I love these black and whites.

    The good contrast is important. It brings the photo out so much. People are used to non colour filtered B&W conversion which ends up just a bunch of boring grey tones.

    Use a colour filter and bring it into a whole new dimension.

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