Favilla and I (Part 4)

Utah Storms

At the crux of loneliness
Upon an empty highway 6
My eyes dry in the desert wind
The motel reciept bunched in my pocket
I kick the dirt from my boots
While frowning at the mesa angels…
As Favilla sits on the warm hood
Her mane dancing like ebon lightning
I turn from the distant maelstrom
To look at the sins of her presence
In love with personal turmoil
And the self hate I’ve eaten
I speak to her…..
“We’ve traveled so far to reach nowhere
And I am happy to have crossed that bridge
Where hell is just another flavor
Begging to serve the hunger of my kiss….”
She slid down from the machine
Her eyes glistening with time’s hurt
While frowning at the mesa angels
She grabbed my hand and replied…..
“Who were they to condemn the guilty
To spin the web of trust and reason?
Here we have the black river styx
Dipped and tried we’ll tread forever…”
Closing my eyes I grinned
The wolfish grin of a resolved martyr
I had killed everything for the kill
And no longer sensed the death in peace
The storm that had previously been on the horizon
Had drug its howling belly before our feet
We stepped into its gnashing jaws
Together frowning at the mesa angels…..


~ by ryantyrl on January 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Favilla and I (Part 4)”

  1. dude intense words… love it. Great poem. The part of the wolfish “I killed everything for the kill…” just like a predator… raw human nature. A beast within our soul.

  2. That’s what this series of peoms is. A wandering man creating a friend to help cope with the demons within. Collecting them all and will eventually create a short story. Thanks dude!

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