Architecture Pains!

Piedmont Park Panorama

Sepia Piedmont ATL

I am having the biggest problem with this Piedmont image! I’ve gone back and forth for three days with skew making sure that the image is perspectively correct. I’ve zoomed in 200%, making sure that the ruler lines match up with the edge of the buildings. When I got them perfect…I went back to 50% checking sharpness and Persp. correctness….and found that my eye sees differently than what the ruler lines speak!!! Soooo frustrating! To me the building on the left seems to lean a bit….even though the ruler lines tell me that it is dead on straight! The color panorama above was the first image that I edited. This one I stuck with what the ruler lines said! Then after a day or so of going back to the image and questioning it’s correctness, I converted it into a sepia image and went ahead and tried to fix the “lean” using my eyes only. Peace of mind….gone! Hours….gone! What made me so concerned about this??? I had visited a book store in Buford and flipped through an architecture photo book…. To my dismay…every shot was horribly incorrect! This was a “professional”! I swore to not make his mistake. I’m gonna spend days on these damned arch shots I take throughout the years!!! Word….and unword.


~ by ryantyrl on January 3, 2010.

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