When I Burned Rome

Suicide Girl 3

When I burned Rome
Arm hung lazily over the sofa’s spine
Eyes hung on the ceiling
Like a Pakistani dissident
Milk soured in the cereal bowl
As I traced the constellations in the stucco
Forever a voyeur’s inclination
Crucified to the rabbit ear’s dreams……
When I burned Rome
August was the tail of the dragon
The Giver laid beside the bible
And Favilla pointed up the staircase
It wasn’t the silence of the lift
Nor the paper skin of recorded age
But the smile on her eyeless face
That made the erasure all to real……..
When I burned Rome
The window across the room was open
Curtains danced in the urban turbulence
The mouth was open and pregnant with teeth
Rupturing the last tendon of principle
I fell into Favilla’s embrace
And buried the word into her belly
A marionette ashamed of its strings…….
When I burned Rome
She licked the sweat from my cheek
Pulling off the thorny crown
While running twenty upon the asphalt
Stricken I carved her an eye
And placed my dictate upon her tongue
Human she hummed once again
To the human that was to grow within
When I burned Rome…………………


~ by ryantyrl on December 21, 2009.

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