Sunflower 6....yes...more to come

Yesterday nips at my fingertips
And error licks the skin of now
Plastic are my dreams of childhood
Cold are the suns of my hope
I’m sorry the darkness remained
And hands grew to hold the night
Gentle was I to a false ideal
Godless I stumbled upon a lonely path
Who was I to look to the horizon?
Who was I to eat the red dirt of promise?
Metal condolences conspire to
And I recognize this face no more
Addicted to the beat of flightless wings
Crippled soul worn upon my brow
Sunday curses slip between the toes
And He no longer reads my aging flesh
Still, echo forgives me with her repetition
Gravity beckons me to return home
And maybe these walls sheltered me from the worst
Maybe another time will smile her twelve……


~ by ryantyrl on December 21, 2009.

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