Busy with Work….But Photography is Calling

Glen Falls,NC

Recently I’ve been soooo freaking busy with work that I’ve had no time to shoot anything! I feel like I’ve let my 5D down. Bummer. Oh well. I’ve the next 4 days off…and if the weather cooperates…I’m gonna drive down to inner ATL and take some winter shots. Dead trees, cold people and steaming exhausts. I’m really excited! Also….I’m gonna try and shoot some long exposure highway scenes in the evening. Haven’t done that in a while and feel I must keep skills honed. Word up!

P.S. – When Steph comes in (late Dec) we’re going an hour north to hit some waterfalls! Love this time of the year cause at night the water on the top of the mountain freezes…then during the day it melts and creates very fast, hardcore water falls. Great for shooting and sight-seeing! Let me know if anyone is interesting in joining. Peace!


~ by ryantyrl on December 6, 2009.

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