Out West…..

Salt Flats - Section E

Dead Tree,UT Desert

Arches Nat. Park

Desert Storm Winds,Utah

In June of 2009 I drove from Atlanta to Salt Lake City to do my internship at the Moran Eye Center for Ophthalmic Photography. Now the education part was fantastic….but what really blew my mind was the scenery! Seriously….I’ve never seen places so beautiful and raw in my entire life! Miles and miles of rough and tough land. It was like a dream….a photographer’s dream come true. Recently I’ve been really thinking about saving up and taking another trip out there in the spring. This time though it’ll all be pleasure. If any other photographers out there are interested…give me a shout and lets plan a journey!


~ by ryantyrl on November 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Out West…..”

  1. Site looks good

  2. you know I’m down… How’s Colorado?

  3. Don’t 4get to update my new blog too, son. You back? Heading to Pensacola this weekend. You should come out, check out air show.

  4. Colorado is awesome….though I only got to drive through it. I actually wrote down the names of the towns that I want to stay at in the future!

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